I remember everything about that moment clearly, because I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. “It looks like you have everything you need, you just have to go for it.”

What? I have everything? I don’t need to do anymore research? No more email conversations with my accountant or using my lunch break to read (literally everything) about owning a small business? I should be excited… but I’m not.

I have real confirmation from someone who looked at my artwork and all the research I had done and gave me permission in a way to start my business. She told me I’m ready, most people don’t get that kind of verbal recognition from a professional, and I’m through the roof, yet still terrified.

Can I let you know something? Being scared never goes away.

I’m telling you that even when someone highly qualified tells you to go for it, you won’t be any less scared. The reason is because there’s nothing for you to fall back on. There’s no more holding off because you’re still trying to figure it out or get answers. This time it’s start or don’t, sink or swim, and if it doesn’t work out it’s because you couldn’t do it not because you didn’t have all the information.

Hopefully, I’ve validated your fears and now I’m going to alleviate them. The goal of this post was to empathize, because this blog is my story and I’ve been there.

me as i over come the fear of starting my new business

The toes of a girl who was just told after years working on drawings, months of research, too much gas money, and 3 business meetings… that she has everything she needs to start her own business.

The best way to get over the fear is to just start doing things. It’s like going into battle. You know there are enemies, you know they’ve got weapons, you know what you’re getting into and what your odds are, but the only way to go forward… is to go forward?

The only way for you to succeed is to do it. Go register your trade name right now. Apply for your licenses. Look at the products you want, the ones that make you happy and order them. Make an appointment to set up a separate bank account and then go to that appointment.

Fear holds you back and ironically the only way to get over the fear is to move forward. Take the next step and then the next one and the next one and remind yourself that this is your dream. Is it ever not worth it to go after your dream?

When someone tells you to go for it you should, because it took a long time, countless hours of reading, and at least 10 panicked emails to get to the bookstore where I sat face to face with Jen who told me straight out “it seems like you’re the only thing holding you back.”

Do you have any tips on overcoming fear? Did this post resonate with you? Did it motivate you? Please let me know in the comments. Fear is tough guys, but we can all overcome it.

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