So I’m wrapping up a good three months worth of fruit sketches right now and I’ve been inspired to talk about my process. Everyone’s drawing process is different depending on the medium he/she works in, the amount of detail in the piece, and the artist’s drawing style.

I decided to pick one of my smaller pieces (this one took about half an hour total because I was filming at the time) and show how it went from sketch to finished design.

To draw this piece I only needed a pencil, 2 Bic Fine Point markers in different shades of red, my Prismacolor Blender, and my newly found love, my Faber Castel Artist Pen.


Here you can really get a good sense of what was added in each layer and how it added to the piece. Everything I draw starts out as a pencil outline, then the marker layer gets added. Later, a second layer in a darker shade is added in to give more dimension and then each raspberry seed is outlined.


And that’s it! My finished raspberry only took 4 layers and I couldn’t be happier with my latest addition to my collection of fruity sketches.

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