The end of May is a stressful time. For me, it was filled with exams, new projects at work (the interior design world thrives in the Spring) and the promise of Summer.

Trying to find inspiration when you’re so bogged down by endless lists of life chores that have to be done, let alone all the actual chores you’ve been neglecting can make you feel like you’re trapped in an artist’s quicksand… and sinking fast.

While I still wanted to draw, I didn’t have time to fully develop any drawings, so I came up with the #alphabetminiseries

The challenge is to fill in the bubble (which is no larger than the size of a quarter) with anything you can imagine as long as it starts with a new letter of the alphabet. Some of my more creative ones were Himalayas and gumball machine and my not so creative ones were yoyo and x-mas. I mean to be fair, those are some tough letters.

I can honestly tell you though, the combination of drawing really really small and coming up with new subject matter everyday helped to get the creative part of my brain working again. Even while doing the challenge, I would get all these ideas and I now have a complete stock pile! ( You can check me out on Instagram or Facebook if you’d like to see those Winking Face on Facebook 2.0 )

So, if you’re stuck and just can’t seem to get out of your funk I suggest coming up with your own drawing challenge. Whether, it’s drawing things you’re not good at to build up your skills or going more abstract and playing with colors, there’s so much you can do to still feel productive. Of course, if you want to give this challenge a go be sure to use the hashtag #alphabetminiseries so I can follow along with your work and be inspired.

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