As I am still in the research phase of starting my own business, I’m subscribing to tons of email newsletters, reading blogs, and adding a billion things to my “to do” list. (Seriously, it’s starting to look like a scroll from the medieval times) So, this blog is my collection of helpful links for art, blogging, and small business. They’ve helped me through good times and bad and now they’ll help you!


1. Amy Lynn Andrews

Amy has one of my favorite websites for beginner blogging. She discusses simple things like how to get started, and where should I host, as well as more complex subjects like WordPress plug-ins and SEO. Amy also has my favorite newsletter aptly named The Useletter because I “use” all of her knowledge about the latest Google updates, tools she recommends, and all of her business advice

creative income blog logo

2. The Creative Income Blog

This blog has everything you need to become a successful maker. They have posts about selling online, tips to compete with other Etsy creators, and even advice on how to set up the best booth at a craft fair. If you’re interested in selling your products, these ladies have got you covered.

Pinterest Logo

3. Pinterest

Ah Pinterest. There’s no way I could leave this one off the list because aside from all the delicious recipes I find, it is the number one place I go when I’m feeling uninspired. I just searched “illustration” and got fashion design drawings, galaxy paintings, and orchids drawn in pen and ink. Seeing other people’s work can really inspire you, and it ‘s also a good way to research other designers in your field, what’s popular, and what’s already been done.

hello brio handlettered logo

4. HelloBrio

As of this moment in time, I’m not a letterer, but it is a skill I hope to learn someday and when I do I know where to start. Jenn blogs with experience about all things lettering and working from home. She balances life and business (something I need to stay on top of) and has a great book for anyone who wants to learn to hand letter but has no idea where to start.

allyssa barnes website designer photo

5. Allyssa Barnes

Allysa is a fantastic web designer with a wealth of knowledge about blogging and WordPress. She writes about general topics but also extremely specific ones like “How to Create a Coming Soon Page for Your Website” and “How to add Hover Effects to Your Images” I’ve learned a lot from reading her posts and even if I can’t implement some of her tips I’ll be grateful for them the day I can.

oh so beautiful paper logo

6. Oh So Beautiful Paper

Now this website has everything upon everything from DIY ideas to cocktail recipes, but it’s most popular posts are about the stationary business. As an illustrator I really want to get into printing my art on cards and wrapping paper but even if that’s not your thing they still having great tutorials about printing techniques and advice on working in the creative business field.

idlewild co logo

7. IdleWild Co.

Katie Gastley is living my dream; a successful creative company with a studio space and a head full of ideas. I put her website in here because it’s what I aspire to be.

pro blogger d rowse

8. Pro Blogger

Pro Blogger is an extremely technical website for those wishing to start and maintain a blog. They have a lot of useful information on advanced SEO, how to work with Google’s algorithms, and tips on monetizing your blog. For the more advanced blogger or those who are ready to start monetizing this website will be super helpful to you.

etsy logo

9. Etsy’s “Quit Your Day Job” Series

This category of Etsy’s blog keeps me going when I feel like I want to give up. It’s real makers in all different industries who’ve successfully turned their passion into their full – time business. These aren’t people who had a ton of money and resources, these are people like you and me who started with nothing and built their businesses from the ground up.

fuzzy and birch logo

10. Fuzzy and Birch

I just recently started reading the Fuzzy and Birch blogs and while they have a great membership offer for those interested in growing their Etsy store, they also have a wealth of free information for those of us in the “research” stage. If you want to sell on Etsy, there’s no doubt you’ll find really great advice here.

So that’s it guys! Those are my 10 favorite links for art, blogging, and small business. Hopefully this helped you out if you’re new and starting to dive into the world of entrepreneurship. If you’re a little more advanced and have specific questions there’s a lot in these websites for you too.

And if you want to follow along on my business journey you can read everything from my first business classes to getting commissions right here.

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